Dylann Rhea

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Seattle is best known for its welcoming and diverse culture, but Kaden cannot seem to grasp the life it offers. When Megan, Kaden's best friend, decides it's time to hit the night life, it turns into a night they will never forget.  Megan mysteriously disappears and Kaden is the only one invested in finding her. Along the way she meets an unusual ally, Finley, who reveals a world beyond the ordinary streets of Seattle. Kaden finds herself pulled into a dark world of fae as the two struggle to locate Megan before it's too late. 

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As Kaden begins to embrace a normal life she continues to struggle with her past. Not only has her best friend disappeared, but she has no recollection of the disappearance itself. Meanwhile Finley, Kaden’s fae ally, finds himself trapped in an unknown realm planning his escape. In order to save him Kaden must abandon her chance at a normal life and remember all that she had lost.

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